Sometimes, when we are looking at some pictures, we notice only a system of lines that makes a kind of landscape, an organic form. We don’t really know if that is a river, a tree, or anything else. If we grow a small thing, or we reduce a big one, we don’t know exactly anymore what we are looking on. If we change scales, we get interesting pictures because striking similarities come out from the observed structures. What we see depends finally on our point of view.

(Beáta Czudor)

Beáta Czudor collects details, particularities or trivialities that she encounters during her walks, and also, scenes of daily life. The she creates a mental bank with these fragments of reality. She modifies them in her artist studio to bring out their beauty. Transpositions of scales and changes of point of views result her imaginary landscapes and ambivalent objects. Her paintings offer new perspectives in the form of a poetic distorsion of the reality.

(Barbara Decrock)

Beáta Czudor paints new world maps with strong and energetic brushstrokes. Old manuscripts so fragile that we are afraid of tearing them apart by touching them. Maps of unknown territories, unexplored lands, shores, and sepia-colored streams appear. They weren’t explored before and they should be discovered! Countries seen in the mist, unaffordable, inaccessible, imaginary, the most desirable. Are these inner worlds? They have a plastic beauty in any case. Beáta invites us on a journey through her cards, into her worlds, who wants to follow her?

(José Maria Martin Marcos)